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Tasty Tales

At the end of summer 2022 Tasty Tales visited our winery to make a video about our way of winemaking.  Follow this link to find the post and video on the website of Tasty Tales:

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L1 Limburg Natuur en Zo

This report of Natuur en Zo focuses on our experimental vineyard in which we planted 2000 trees as a support for the vines. The trees should create a microclimate and thus buffer weather extremes. Moreover, we focus on how to stimulate biodiversity by mowing. 

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Chapeau Magazine: Studio DAXA

This is an interview of Xavier Cortenraedt from Chapeau Magazine with Chris Pelzer from Domein Aldenborgh. Xavier asks about what's so special about their organic domain and about natural wine making. Subtitles in English available.

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Chapeau! magazine: A visit by Erik Sauter

In November 2020 Erik Sauter visited us for Chapeau! magazine to write an article. Erik has got more than 50 years of experience in the wine industry, as importer, taster and writer. Even the most-renowned wine producers in France value his wealth of experience and knowledge. We are therefore very proud that Erik has assessed our wines so well after extensive tasting sessions. Please read the article he wrote below.

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