Eyra Riesling Millésime Brut Nature Magnum, 2015

Only available for restaurants. For inquiries please call or send an email.


This in an undeniably valuable and “high” sparkling wine from which only 300 bottles have been produced. In an aromatic sense it seems that champagne yeast has been used, resulting in aromas that are more reminiscent of chardonnay and pinot (including gris): toast notes, hops and nuts (almond and hazelnut).

The tasteful wine acids seem to flow straight from the best Riesling juice. Model balance and a beautiful taste continuation with noble and extremely subtle bitterness and minerality in the varietal fanning finale and a truly deep length: the overall impression remains integrally present very long after it has disappeared from the mouth. Level “great wine”.


Listed in the following restaurants:


- Julemont, Wittem

- De Leuf, Ubachsberg


Volume: 150 cl

Alc: 12.5%